Designer Julia Arutyuinyan Collection

All piece are handmade & custom

Welcome to J Paris A Couture: a fashion line created and owned by Julia Paris! At J Paris A Couture, our custom couture creations show transformative fashion that celebrate individual beauty and instills confidence through impeccable designs. We champion sustainability, merging edgy aesthetics with timeless femininity.

We create clothing that makes you look exquisite and empowers you to embrace your curves, celebrating individuality. Our signature style blends boldness with delicacy, featuring chains, pearls, sparkles, and sensuous cutouts. Inspired by vintage Chanel, we infuse classic elements with a modern twist. We redefine preppy fashion with unexpected details and daring combinations, elevating traditional styles. 

Fashion is self-expression, and we're here to help you unleash your confidence. J Paris A Couture: Where style meets substance, confidence reigns supreme, and fashion is a powerful form of self-expression. JPA can make custom creations for any event that you may have in mind.